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 At CrossFit Almaden, we value health and fitness just as much as we do our community.

About our Coaches



Our coaches are full of knowledge and personality which means you'll have fun

in our classes while you learn the basics of CrossFit!



PJ started CrossFit in September of 2011 when he was fresh out of highschool. He got into CrossFit because he loves the Olympic lifts; the challenge behind them and the feeling of executing the movements properly. He has been coming back ever since because he believes in what CrossFit stands for. It’s meant to bring you a longer and healthy life and that’s exactly what he wants to help members achieve. PJ has been coaching for over 2 years and enjoys the feeling of seeing someone overcome an obstacle that they found impossible to overcome. PJ’s focus as a coach is to show up every day and make the members’ day better. He’s always there for our members ensuring that they have a positive experience at CFA!




Helen has been doing CrossFit since 2012 and has been coaching at CFA for a year. A few years ago, Helen was coming off a hip injury from snowboarding. At the time, her primary workouts were kickboxing and Muay Thai, neither of which were easy to modify after her injury. She was out of commission for several months and became out of shape. When she was finally able to workout again, she wanted to try something different that would keep her attention like her previous workout methods while adding muscle. That’s where CrossFit came in! Helen’s friends convinced her to try it and she was quickly hooked. She loved that the workouts could be modified to accommodate for injuries and/or limitations. Helen fell into coaching after a fellow female crossfitter asked her for tips and pointers on moving weight efficiently. Helen’s tips helped and her and lo and behold, a coach was born! Helen loves seeing members improve and being a part of their fitness achievements.




Cody was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by his brother (PJ) and uncle. His first crossfit workout crushed him and he loved every second of it! Having been a high school athlete, Cody was used to competition and thrived on it, but after graduating he found himself missing the competitiveness and CrossFit filled that void. He loves competing amongst a community that is welcoming, generous and encouraging. Cody began coaching in March 2015 and he considers it one of the highlights of his life. He loves being able to help people achieve their fitness goals and see the happiness on members faces when they do. As a coach, Cody wants to make sure everyone is maintaining safe form to become functionally stronger. He enjoys being able to change someone's bad lifting habits into a safe and more efficient way to move weight. Cody will make sure that you push yourself so that you can transform yourself into the person you want to be!



Tatiana (aka Coach Totts) started CrossFit in September 2008 and she started coaching in 2016. At the time she was looking for a workout program that could help her reach her fitness goals and that would fit around her work schedule. She had never lifted weights before, but thanks to CrossFit not only was she introduced to weightlifting, but she fell in love with it along with the CrossFit community! Tatiana didn’t come from an athletic background and had to learn the importance of the basics. She will ensure you are comfortable with the fundamentals in order to help you prevent injury. She wants to be able to provide modifications when needed, and will help you based on your needs. Tatiana is is certified in Pilates and Weightlifting and is always looking to learn more!




Jamison has been doing CrossFit since 2011 and coaching since 2013. After becoming bored with the typical gyms, Jamison started CrossFit and was immediately hooked! He loves the variety of the workouts and the camaraderie and community. Jamison has a passion for coaching and enjoys seeing people achieve success. He enjoys breaking each movement down piece by piece and then putting it all together and seeing improvement. He also loves working with people of all different skill sets and abilities and makes sure that everyone is getting the most they can out of a workout. Jamison says he’s learned something from every athlete he has coached. The more he coaches and interacts with you, the more he gets to learn and pass along!


Janet Navarrette


Janet has been doing CrossFit for almost ten years and joins us with five years of coaching experience. Before CrossFit, Janet was a serial exerciser always up to try something new, but she couldn't find anything that stuck. One of her friends suggested she try it out and she hasn't looked back since! Janet continues to find more reasons to love CrossFit every day- even after ten years! She has met some of her best friends and is forever grateful for that. Janet loves coaching because it's the time of day where she gets to be the best version of herself while helping people become better versions of themselves. Her focus is simple: always have fun!



Brett started training at CFA in 2015 and is our newest coach. He got into CrossFit because he was struggling to stay motivated when it came to exercise and being healthy. It was difficult having to create his own training regimen and he felt like he was doing the same things over and over. CrossFit gave Brett the right guidance and support to learn about weightlifting and other forms of cardio in a safe and exciting environment. Brett has been a martial Arts instructor for over 10 years and the focus there was always centered around one thing, “help people reach their goals.” Seeing people achieve and succeed is one of his greatest passions and now with CFA in his life, he has another avenue to help people reach their goals. Brett prides himself on being available as often as possible. If you ever have any questions about how to improve or the best way to do something specific (different lifts, conditioning, nutrition, stretching) just talk to him before or after class and he will gladly work with you right then, stay after class for a little while or setup a time to work with you privately!

Mark Angelopoulos

Endurance Coach

Mark first heard about CrossFit while hanging out with some friends. He was so intrigued that he decided to find a gym and try it out. He was a runner in college but after graduation was craving a new challenge and CrossFit was the answer! Mark has gone from a 130 pound middle distance runner to his current 180 pound physique. He’s proud of his transformation and the strength that has come with it. Mark will tell you that one of the biggest joys of this sport is bonding with the other athletes at a place that feels like a second home. There is nothing quite like being pushed to your limits and encouraged by your fellow CrossFitters. Mark has brought his 12 years running experience (multiple high school records, varsity team all 4 years of high school, collegiate track and cross country) to CFA as the coach of the Endurance class. His class aims to help you become a more efficient runner and he loves sharing his knowledge and passion with others!



Kami started CrossFit at the end of 2011 and has been coaching at CFA for the past three years. He got involved in CrossFit because he wanted results and needed a workout program to fit his demanding 9-5 job schedule. Kami loves that everything is measurable and that he can track his progress over time to see just how far he’s come!
Kami enjoys coaching because he loves helping people reach their fitness goals. He prides himself on being able to understand challenges and provide an actionable program for members to help them get to the next step. Kami truly enjoys breaking down movements and explaining to members what they should feel and how each movement can help--he loves answering the WHY behind the movements!




Jason (aka J-Dog) is the “CrossFit OG” with over 20 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Performance-Nutrition Consultant along with 20 years of CrossFit experience. Having been personally mentored by the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman has given Jason a unique perspective on coaching. Jason's client history is extensive and includes clients as young as 4 and as old as 90, pregnant women and professional athletes. Jason is well known amongst the community for personally donating countless hours of his time to clients and athletes with special circumstances, such as at-risk youth, those recovering from violent car accidents, and scholarship programs for young athletes.




Patrick had been a tech worker for over 10 years when he found CrossFit. He initially did it to get in shape so he could survive the rigors of having a newborn baby and a demanding work schedule, but now he does it because he loves it! Patrick has always had a passion for fitness and he absolutely loves watching people achieve goals. In 2012 he quit his tech job to focus on family and pursue a dream of opening up a gym. And thus, CFA was born!